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"Around 2005 I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. As a result, I suffered severe traumatic brain injuries and remained comatose for several days. Over time, I regained consciousness, and improved markedly, yet, my memory, speech, analysis and mental processing were not close to my pre-accident cognitive performance. I believed there could be no more significant brain healing/recovery. Then I met Dr. Golzad. He performed an extensive evaluation and devised an intensive treatment program which included a concoction of nutrients and supplements, an intensive neurofeedback assisted cognitive remediation therapy and other therapeutic measures. In order to monitor my progress, he conducted a baseline neuro-cognitive evaluation with quantitative measurement of my cognitive skills. This allowed him to regularly monitor my progress. After 3 months I have already seen considerable progress. I perform significantly better on his tests and in many areas have gone from below average to considerably above average.   The best results were the comments I received from family and friends that knew me before the accident. It was their spontaneous unsolicited compliments on my improvement that brought tears to my eyes.  The best part of Dr. Golzad is that he takes you even further. He talks to you and figures out what are your problems. He then finds a variety of ways to address them. Whether that involves additional medication to recover specific areas in the brain, certain type of therapy, or out of the box treatment modalities that help you. He is a doctor that thinks about the best ways to help and improve you so that you can be able to do what you’ve planned to achieve in your life. Thank you Dr. Golzad.   For those seeking progress from a traumatic brain injury I strongly recommend the neurologist, Dr. Mehrdad Golzad."  Samantha A. 

"Great doc! Best neurologist i've been to and I've seen quite a few in my time especially since I suffer from migraines and now finally I'm on the road to recovery! He had so much knowledge and info for me unlike other docs who are so general, he also recommended vitamins along with medicine and other tests that will be setting me on the best path ever! Thank you Dr. Golzad!"  Oscar P.

"Dr. Golzad is a lifesaver! I suffered severe traumatic brain injuries in a motor cycle accident. In addition to memory loss and decreased attention span, I began to experience brief involuntary jerking and twitching of muscles in my arms and legs. In addition to physical discomfort, it was socially embarrasing. After being misdiagnosed first with Parkinson's Disease, then with Huntington's, I was finally referred to Dr. Golzad by my primary care physician.  Dr. Golzad, upon seeing me, was absolutely convinced that I had neither disease. He asked if I could stay awhile and ran some tests. I was extremely happy to learn that although I suffer from a movement disorder, it was secondary to traumatic brain injuries and not a progressive neurodegenerative condition. I did not have an incurable, progressive and eventually fatal disease. I stopped the Parkinson's medications, and began to take the meds prescribed by Dr. Golzad. Within weeks, I felt like a new person. I have healthy and happy future ahead.   Thank you Dr. Golzad for giving me a new lease on life!"  J.J. Perez

"Not just an amazing doctor, but amazing assistants, amazing staff. The atmosphere is very comforting, and you can tell they all really care. I have never ha a better experience and felt more at ease with any other doctor. Very professional and very efficient. I appreciate everything they have done, Doctor Golzad is incredibly smart and kind. IF you really want to an Neurologist, see this doctor. There is no better choice."  Abby H.

"Dr. Golzad is a wonderful, humane person and a brilliant neurologist. For years I'd been suffering from a constellation of pain/sleep/headache issues that were never addressed by one doctor. Dr. Golzad asked me questions, listened to my answers, and through a sort of Socratic dialogue, was able to isolate and relate my various symptoms and give me a diagnosis and a medication that immediately proved effective. I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor. Because of the nature of neurological problems, a neurologist has to be compassionate and a good listener, and Dr. Golzad is both."  MR New York

"I was reffered to Dr Golzad by a good friend of mine who lives in queens.I've been treated for my condition for years by different doctors and have been strugling with my condition unknowingly.At first i went to him,expecting the same tests and treatments.He asked me some questions and did some tests and to my surprise,he explained to me as to what exactly my condition was.He changed my medication and kept me under observation.His diagnosis was spot on and i feel like i've given a second chance in life.I live in Mryland and travel to New York for visits with pleasure"  Ashley G.

"This doctor has literally been my savior for the past year. He has gone above and beyond any other doctor to help me get the treatment I needed even when I was having issues with an insurance lapse. His office is usually very busy, but it's worth the wait. His staff is excellent and they are state of the art. Highly recommended!" Shantel H.

"Very professional and is concerned about the actuall patient, not like most doctors. The wait time is not bad but when you think about how much time he spends with the actuall patient you will understand. Great doctor I just hope he can find the cause of my seizures. I highly recommend him for any neurological issues!" Dibeth C.

"Dr. Golzad actually saved my girlfriends life, an she had immediate emergency service. I have migraines so I thought I would see him. This was the best medical experience I have had, very great bedside manner, very efficient and gets details, and really caters to your needs and cares about your health significantly. He talks very professional (almost too medical) and tries to explain. I'm having further treatment to see what is wrong with me. He's a rock star doctor!" Miguel G.

"After years of Misdiagnosis, and being bounced around from one Doctor to another I had ended up with another Doctor who I thought would also give me the run around however not only was I wrong but Dr Golzad and his team helped to save my mom's life. I can't begin to express the thanks for there hard work. In 2015 after exhausting all the possibilities he discovered a tumor growing in my mother spine and that was slowly pressing against her nerves causing her to loose sensation in her lower extremities and would have eventually left her in a wheel chair. Over a year has past and she's doing better then ever thanks to Dr Golzad and his team."   Johana R.

"Dr Golzad is the best Neurologist hands down. He takes time to get to know his patients so he can know how to optimize a treatment plan that fits patients life. I consider myself lucky to have him as my Doctor since 1998. Would recommend him to family and friends without a doubt."

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