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Neurofeedback assisted cognitive remediation therapy, psychotherapy, CBT, Pharmacotherapy.

Pharmacological Intervention

The astute choice of pharmacological agents including antiepileptic compounds, preventive as well as abortive headache strategies, antidepressants like Ketamine by our neurologists and psychiatrists allows us to achieve results much faster and effectively treat serious complications of TBI (Epileptic seizures, intractable headaches, neuroendocrine deficiencies, neuropsychiatric conditions, etc.)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT aims to provide a set of tools that enable the patient to manage negative thoughts by questioning their validity, changing one’s negative core beliefs, and ultimately modifying one’s behaviors. CBT has been widely studied and proven to be effective for those who are able to incorporate these tools into their lives.

Cognitive Remediation Program & NeuroFeedback:

  • Remediation of impaired skills

  • Teaching skills to compensate for residual deficits.

  • Sophisticated neurofeedback modalities to improve cognitive performance, attention span, concentration and relaxation.

Vision, Vestibular & Balance therapy

Following TBI, a significant number of patients suffer from dizziness, Visual deficit, Vestibular & Balance dysfunction. Vision & Vestibular Therapy are essential parts of the treatment program.

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