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Our office is the only private Brain-Injury-Medicine practice in NY currently using an FDA cleared stand-alone test by "Brainscope" for "OBJECTIVE" electrodiagnostic assessment of concussion in patients 18-50 after sports accidents, car collisions, falls, and other brain injuries.
Brainscope, using EEG-based technology can objectively elicit electrophysiological evidence of concussion longitudinally at baseline (injury), and recovery time points.  
Significantly, BrainScope can detect long-term permanent injury by evaluating the electrical activity in the brain through non-invasive EEG technology. 

Brainscope is thoroughly validated through 12 years of development funded in part by 8 Department of Defense studies and 2 GE/NFL Head Challenge grants. BrainScope is used by the US-Navy, NFL, and many academic Emergency Departments. ​

  • 8 FDA clearances 

  • 12 years of R&D

  • 32 peer reviewed publications

  • 13,000+ subject evaluations

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