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Message from Dr. Golzad to our patients

Inspired by Dr. Jacob L. Moreno, and my fellow countryman Rumi, I added the powerful methodology of multimodal communication, music-therapy, body language, and  psychodrama in a holistic manner to the treatment protocol of TBI survivors who were also suffering from PTSD. Encouraged by the rather unexpected results, I summarized my observation as a message of hope addressed to our future patients.

Light at end of the tunnel

As I open my eyes into yours

Searching the way to your heart

Swapping my eyeballs with yours

To let the light filter in

I glance through your eyes

As you peer into mine

Noticing rays of sunshine

Breaking through the shroud

Ecstatic to see beyond the eyes

Striding off the beaten path

All the way to your heart

To listen to your soul

Reenacting sad events, we make

Monsters run in fear

Intrusions vanish

Nightmares fade away

Liberated from the veil of denials

Free of incandescent flashbacks

In your journey of self-discovery

To your moment of epiphany

Shattering the darkness of despair

Beyond frontiers hitherto unknown

Towards an infinite horizon of hope

You rediscover and set yourself free

Mehrdad Golzad, July 2022

مهرداد گلزاد          تیر ماه ۱۴۰۱

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