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Anne Reuter, OD, FCOVD

Board-certified Neuro-Optometrist


Dr. Anne Reuter, a professor at MCPHS University, specializes in Neuro-Optometry, Binocular Vision, and Neurological Rehabilitation. She holds a board certification in Neuro-Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy. Dr. Reuter has been involved in the athletic world for most of her life as a competitive soccer player, and understands the requirements for success in sports. During her senior year at the University of Wisconsin, she underwent a visual training program that significantly improved her visual function, leading to enhanced performance both in the classroom and on the field. This personal experience inspired her to become an optometrist, so that she could provide others with the same benefits she received. Throughout her career, Dr. Reuter has worked with athletes of all ages and skill levels, with a particular emphasis on helping amateur athletes reach an elite level and continuing to enhance the visual abilities of professional athletes.

After completing her optometric training at the SUNY College of Optometry in 2008, Dr. Reuter began her career at the Brooklyn VA system and later joined the Lenox Hill Community Medical Group in New York City, where she gained advanced clinical expertise in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. She then went on to establish and oversee the binocular vision department at The Brown Center in Providence, Rhode Island, focusing on pediatric care, functional vision performance, and neuro-rehabilitation.

Dr. Reuter has contributed significantly to the field of Ocular Disease and Vision Rehabilitation, with several publications to her credit. She is actively involved in research as an investigator for the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigators Group (PEDI)

Dr. Reuter and her team were selected to lead the Massachusetts school screening initiative and implemented reformed screening protocols, which earned her a scholarship award in the field. She has also presented at continuing education events for healthcare providers and educators, delivering multiple approved courses in the field.

Furthermore, Dr. Reuter is committed to providing optometric services and eye care to at-risk women and children through various charitable organizations. She has also participated in outreach programs in the Bronx, demonstrating her dedication to serving underprivileged communities.


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