Avraham Schweiger, Ph.D.  Dr. Schweiger completed his education in Psychology and Neuropsychology at UCLA. Dr. Schweiger participated in the creation and directed the graduate neuropsychology / Neurorehabilitation program of the academic college of Tel Aviv. Dr. Schweiger is an academic researcher with over 50 publications in the field 

of neuropsychology. Dr. Schweiger specializes in the evaluation and treatment of brain injuries, and, has broad experience in Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and family intervention.  

Elena Ostroy 2.jpg

Elena Ostroy, Ph.D.

Dr. Ostroy is a board certified neuropsychologist with clinical expertise in evaluation and treatment of cognitive and behavioral symptoms of traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions. Prior to joining the NYCTBI Center, she directed the Neuropsychology service at Kings County Hospital where she conducted neuropsychological evaluations and taught and supervised psychology interns, medical residents, and postdoctoral fellows. 

Charlene Bang, Psy.D.

Dr. Bang is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Icahn School of Medicine where she lectures to interns, residents, and fellows on neuropsychological evaluation and traumatic brain injury.  Dr. Bang has 20 years of clinical experience and expertise in evaluating and treating individuals with complex cognitive, emotional and behavioral symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI). ​Dr. Bang completed her education in clinical psychology and advanced training in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology at The Department of Rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Ingrid Jaipersaud Ph.D.  

Dr. Jaipersaud earned her Ph.D. in psychology in 2013 from the Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Dr. Jaipersaud is an exceptionally knowledgeable bilingual psychologist with an impressive command of both Spanish and English.  Dr. Jaipersaud performs psychological as well as neuropsychological evaluations and treatments. Dr. Jaipersaud is well versed in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and various modalities of cognitive remediation therapy and neurofeedback.


Chiyoko Frank, PhD

Dr. Frank is a Licensed Psychologist who completed her MS at Yale and her Ph.D. at Cornell University. Dr. Frank has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles & book chapters on her research in the area of Social Cognitive Neuroscience utilizing fMRI. Dr. Frank worked as an Adjunct Faculty at Fielding Graduate University (APA-accredited) and taught several graduate level courses including Psychopathology and Cognitive & Affective Bases of Behavior.  Dr. Frank is well-versed in CBT, DBT, Existential psychotherapy, and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy.   She is also experienced in Cognitive remediation therapy and Neuropsychological evaluation.